Friday, January 28, 2011

Pre-Football Huddle :)

My hubby is a Steeler's Fan. He's always been since I've known him, and I'm sure way before that!!! :) All I could think about when the dogs were lying together on the floor is that it reminded me of a Football Huddle. I'm not really a football fan, but I'm a diehard's wife. This is interpreted as during football season that's about all that can be found on TV..I thought it only fitting to post a pic of our pre-superbowl huddle :) I think you can guess who my hubby is rooting for!! ;)
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Monday, January 17, 2011

The weather outside is frightful, but the warmth is so delightful...

Suka's been spending a lot of time romping in the now these days.. Living in New York, we get ALOT of it. I've yet to get any pics of him in the snow though- Seems like I'm always doing daycare and can't just pick up the camera to hang out in the snow with my pup. We've gone on evening walks in it, but it's so dark that it's very difficult to get pictures (and I don't really want to ruin my camera taking out in the snow on a long walk) My goal is to get some snow play pics really Soon! He loves the snow, as any true blooded husky does, but he likes coming in, warming up and chewing on a treat too! :)

Suka's a great dog, he only has a few things he has to work on. He's gone into pull me on walks mode. He used to walk so well, but I guess now he gets so excited that I have to use alot of force to keep from being pulled along and off my feet (good thing I'm not wearing skates or skis- I'd be in PA before I could think straight!) He also has to be kennelled ANYTIME I go away, even if it's briefly. I've tried giving him a treat when I took the kids to school, and he pulled down the curtain and curtain rod, knocked over the piano bench, and added some scratches the leather loveseat with his claws because he was jumping up watching us in the window and frustrated he couldn't go (that was Before we even LEFT, and don't tell my hubby, He would be pretty mad!) I feel bad kenneling him, but I think that it's the only way I can keep my house from being ripped apart when I'm not home. The other thing I have to watch him over- He's a shredder. He LOVES to shred paper products so I try to keep those away from him as much as possible..

Suka is a lover..He is not aggressive towards other dogs or strangers (which is great, because his brother is another story) BUT, I believe that if it was a matter of protection he would step up (we've gone on nightly walks, and if someone is walking towards us, he is very alert and watches that person like a hawk) He will lay by you forever if you rub his belly or scratch his nose/neck. If he wants some lovin' he will jump up in your lap till you give him some :) And he is finally completely House Trained which is a complete blessing and I'm So thankful for (he took the longest to housetrain of all the dogs I've trained) Suka's also Great with kids..The only thing I have to watch him with, is when they are outside, he wants to rough play like he does with his doggy brother, so I have to intervene often, not out of viciousness, but it's scary to little one to be knocked down and chewed on by a big dog that wants to PLAY! :)
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Here's to a Great 2011! May your walks be longer, your bones be meatier, and your belly/ear scratches be extra enjoyable :)
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