Saturday, May 22, 2010

Foto Friday-Archive style

I am sorry to say I didn't have the opportunity to scope out architecture this week which saddens me because I LOVE architecture. I will be going out to take a few shots at some point and posting them here because I really wanted to participate, in the meantime however I am leaving you with some grandiose architecture from our vacation last year to Gettysburg National Park/Battlefield. Gettysburg is brimming over with amazing architecture, from monuments in rembrance of those who fought in the civil war, to old buildings that have been immaculately cared for and maintained since the civil war. To participate or view other's contributions, please visit Renaissance.
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  1. So pretty! Great job on these.

  2. so many people posted archived photos of interesting places this week, I felt like a world traveler!

    I really want to get out to Gettysburg some day soon-Matt has been wanting to go for ages.