Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun In The Sun..

The weather has been really warm here. I don't mind the heat but the humidity kills me. Suka's not a real water dog. He stays away from the hose whenever possible, HOWEVER he has found he LOVES the creek nearby. We walked down the other day (wish I had my camera) and after he got over his initial fear over the water, he realized just how good it felt on a hot day and was laying all the way down in it. Then he decided to play "water fetch", and would immerse his whole face to his eyes in, blow bubbles out his nose, and grab rocks from the bottom of the shallow creek and put the rocks he "fetched" on the dry creekbed. It was so funny to watch, kept ME entertained and I so regretted not being able to take pictures of it. We will have to make a trip down there again soon, with a camera next time :)

I've been CRAZY busy. So busy, that I just realized moments ago, we missed Suka's last puppy class. I don't know how I could have forgotten..Maybe it's the screaming 2 month old I took care of all day, or his 5 yr old sister that also decided to pitch a screaming fit when her mother came because she didn't want to leave. Or maybe it's because I found out I have a BIG inspection for daycare on Thursday morning and I've been trying to prep for that. In any case, I am forgetful, but not when it comes to Suka's puppy class. I feel bad about it, but at least I've taught him pretty much everything the instructor was teaching the other pups to begin with. Suka's doing great, except we are still having housebreaking issues. He hasn't pooed in the house in a long time, but he still uses the dining room as his pee place. I've mopped in there, 409'nd in there, but he still does it. I try to keep that door shut when he's in the house, but when you have 7 in your family plus usually more it's difficult. Any advice/suggestions? Missed you, will try not to let so much time pass between this and my next post! Have a great rest of your week :)
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  1. It is miserably hot here too. Mom says she thinks we would like the pool if we would only give it a try, but we prefer the rain - that would be TD and Ciara, not Phantom.

    For the peeing, you could try the NILIF program - that is nothing in life is free. He stays on a short leash attached to you wherever you go in the house and you watch him like a hawk. Take him out frequently on the leash and praise lavishly with both words and super yummy treats when he potties outside.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. I am tired just reading your post! I wouldn't worry too much about the puppy class, it sounds like Suka is a rock star in the basic manners department. It sounds like you are doing fun things with him as well, I'm jealous! :)

    Have you tried the vinegar mixture for the dining room (1/4 cup vinegar to 1 quart water)? That or "Nature's Miracle" are supposed to do wonders for convincing puppies to go in other places. I was at pet smart today, and they had a spray that was called something like "potty here"... maybe you could spray it in a spot and take Suka to that spot outside to get him used to the idea? Another idea is to put puppy pads (they draw the puppy to pee on them) in the dining room, and then slowly remove them one by one until there aren't any puppy pads left... Just thoughts. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you! :)

  3. Hey! We are located in Westchester area, around pelham/new rochelle!
    Where are you guys? We would love to meet up if we dont live SUPER far!! That would be amazing!
    Thank you for your kind words too, they really mean a lot. It has been really hard on me, as well as Ace, but we are taking it one day at a time....
    I look forward to your response!