Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Sorry.

This beginning of Summer has been very busy for the humans in the family especially. Us dogs are just enjoying being outside, and trying to stay cool. We are sorry we've been really neglecting our blog. When warm weather hits, we spend ALOT of time outside, rather than indoors..We wanted you to know we think about you all alot, and are sorry for not being around the computer as much as before. We will try to be better about it! We hope you are well :) Licks and Romps, Suka
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  1. We understand, we are having the same issue here. But it is good to see some pup looking so happy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Enjoy the outdoors and stay cool, friends! The computer and Blogville will be here waiting for you! Have lots of summer fun!

  3. woooo! Have a great summer mates!!

    RA & Isis

  4. hey Suka,

    Great picture! You look very happy! Don't worry, life happens, and sometimes the blog just gets put down on the priority list. My human and I have not been around as much either. So much to do!

    I hope you are staying cool. It has been very hot and humid in my neck of the woods, so basically a lot of napping is all I am up for. :->



  5. I can totally relate. We wait for 8-9 months and who wants to be inside any longer?