Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lotsa Snow..

The quality of these pics are terrible, BUT I wanted you to know that we are thinking about you especially when we're romping about the yard, wishing you could come play with us :) We are enjoying the weekly snow we've been getting here, and hope you are enjoying some too! :)
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  1. We bet you are enjoying your snow as much as we are! Snow is wonderful!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Ryker is just itchin' to get back out there and play in the snow. The Vet says another two weeks minimum.

  3. hey Suka,

    I think you look fabulous in your snow photos! I am just so happy you have some fun snow to play in! Isn't it the best?! I wish I could run over and play in the snow with you as well. I think we would have a blast!

    Enjoy it while you can! Thanks for sharing your lovely snow pics!


  4. Cute! My Bentley-Boo loves the snow.His name is actually Bentley, but boo just fits right in at the end. He says hello! (Porsche says hello also, but she doesn't love the snow as much) :-) Barbara