Thursday, April 7, 2011

Please Help! We have a Wood Picket fence that goes the diameter of our almost an acre yard..Suka found an escape spot and has gotten out of the fence 3 times in the last 12 hrs..We fixed it, and he managed to pray it loose and get out again. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?? Are there any sprays that we could put on the wood when we fix it again that would deter him from that spot? I can't even let him out in the yard till this afternoon unless he is on a leash because he goes DIRECTLY over there and gets out. This morning he pried it open and next thing I knew he and his buddy Ruger were next door, thankfully they both came when I called them, but he may start thinking it's a game and run away from me- and he will either get hit, or someone will take him for sure.. Please help with any advice or suggestions you might have- Thanks from a distraught Suka mama!


  1. If it's an option try nailing a few pickets horizontal to the one he pried off. I also concrete any holes that get dug under the fence. I've come pretty close to a sidewalk along the back fence,

  2. We think Ra has a good suggestion. But we would suggest maybe you drill some holes and use wood screws instead of nails. He won't be able to pry the pickets open as easily. Good luck.

  3. I feel your anxiety and fear. Suka has run away many times and it is the worst feeling ever. He is very clever at figuring out ways to escape. Thankfully, he has always either been found or returned on his own. I am very grateful that he has never been hurt during his adventures.

    Perhaps you can put some big landscape rocks in front of the danger area? Something that will block Suka's access to the hole he is getting out of? When I first adopted Suka he kept chewing on some outdoor wires, so I bought a spray at a pet store that is made to keep dogs away from items. Maybe if you sprayed that on the fence and ground in the danger area it might help?

    Good luck! Let us know what remedy works.


  4. Hope you've figured something out & thanks for visiting out photo blog:) cheers,