Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thanks so much for the advice (in particular Ra Husky) :) We replaced the loose and chewed on boards and then added some to the bottom area. as well. So far it seems to be working. I am still keeping an eye on Sir Suka though because he's a smart cookie, knows he got out of that area before and continues to scope it out..Hopefully after time goes by and he cannot get out he will lose interest. Meanwhile his brother Ruger got out of the gate this am (the bottom was loose) and went after a jogger. He didn't bite her (THANK GOODNESS but scared her.. The worst part was she was a local neighbor (and unfortunately we don't have much of a relationship with many of our neighbors, and this one was always nice to us) My teen son and I went all around the yard, and fixed anything remotely close to being loose, including bunji cording the bottom of the gate for now until we can replace it the right way. It seems to be dogproof, but one never knows (but I will be praying we have no more occurances by any of our dogs any time soon. Our fence is low, Suka could clear it easily if he tried, I just hope he never tries because it would complicate things TREMENDOUSLY! Thanks again for the suggestions and concern, I Really Appreciate it ALOT!!! :)


  1. Happy to hear the fence is patched and holding. Hopefully Suka and Rugar will stay put and not try to escape anymore. Sorry about Ruger and the neighbor, but good thing nothing happened. Good luck with keeping the dogs in!

    K and Suka

    p.s. Of course Suka is a smart cookie! He is a Suka! :-> Oh, and thanks for your nice Comment on my blog!! :->

  2. So glad the fence is fixed...whew. Hope all stays good...and beautiful pic!