Thursday, April 15, 2010

Transformation Thursday

Posted by Picasa sent me a link to a blog with the coolest (and super easy) eggs, so I just had to try it! I've already posted this but I wanted to share it for Transformation Thursday too.
These eggs are pretty enough to be displayed almost anytime of year.

I showed step by step how I did it, now here is a brief description on how to do these beautiful eggs....
1. get in your hubby's tie collection and the ones that he never wears, see if they are silk and snag a few- or go to Salvation Army and grab some cool ones (they are super cheap there) just make sure they are silk (sometimes there is a tiny tag that will say so, so look carefully) Cut them apart, I ripped them and cut them directly on their seam in the back so I could use as much of the fabric as I could. Wrap your eggs up tightly in them, making sure the outside silk design is directly on the egg. I had mostly brown eggs so I took a chance with them, they are pretty, but you could see the design better on the white ones just so ya know :) Tie them at the top with string, twistie ties, or I used fuzzy pipecleaners cut up because they were what I had available (they looked cute too!) I only used two ties, because I raided my hubby's ties, but the more designs the better :)
2. Find some white cotton fabric, an old sheet or old pillowcase works great (I used an old pillowcase) Once again, Salvation Army is a great place to grab these if you dont have them on hand. Tie each egg up the same way you did with the silk tie fabric.
3. Using an enamel or glass cooking pan cover eggs with water, add 1/4 cup vinegar bring to a boil, then boil for 20 minutes (don't use a regular metal pan, it doesn't work well.)4 let cool down on a towel or a colander and once cool enough to handle unwrap to see your hidden treasure, you will be pleasantly surprized how amazing these look.The downside, you shouldn't eat them because the dye of the ties is probably not the greatest for you, and the vinegar saturating the egg might not taste too good either, and it takes a little while.The upside, these will make a beautiful Easter centerpiece (as I am using for Easter) and they are so fun to make. They are completely worth the time, and are very easy to do. Just make sure that silk is snug and secure around your egg, the better it is put on the egg, the better the design will adhere.

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