Friday, April 16, 2010

Yellow Nature Study (and more) :)

This week's Foto Friday was Yellow, which was super easy, all I had to do was walk out of doors (well, I cheated and looked at some other Foto Friday participants before I actually posted mine (I didn't take any ideas though, I promise) and saw that many of us were on the same wavelength this week..How could you not though, the Forsythia bushes are in full bloom, tulips are gorgeous right about now, and the dandelions are showing their beautiful color (sorry, I have never thought dandelions were a pest, in fact I've always liked them! :) ) I focused mostly on flowers this week, but I couldn't resist throwing a few of my littlest picking flowers for mama though- she has learned the art from her big brother who has been picking me flowers since was old enough to walk. :) Oh, and I know that the blue flowers are mostly blue, but there is yellow there too :)
I lost my grandmother in March of last year, and she was the floral gardener of the family. She loved flowers and her flower gardens were proof of that love because each blossom flourished under her tender loving care. I've always loved flowers as well, but ever since she passed away, I have become even more enamoured with them because they remind me so much of her and I miss her. I guess I would love to be able to "take her place" so that when people come to visit they can enjoy pretty blooms at my house just like I did at hers. I've planted lilac bushes this year, Pleaded with Bob to make me a flower garden and each week I scour the grocerers floral dept for discounted bulbs so that even though I may not enjoy them this year, I can plant them and enjoy them next year. The family who lived in our house prior to us planted a lot of bulbs in the back yard in strange places, so I've spent numerous hours digging up bulbs and replanting them in the flower garden.

I will also be filling up the fronts and sides of my house with flowers and flowering bushes as well. I have to do these things a little at a time, because if I did it all at once it would cost a pretty penny for sure, but little by little I hope to have a simply blooming home...A home blossoming with children, blossoming with love, and blossoming with pretty flowers :)

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  1. that tulip one is amazing.

    like, REALLY amazing.

    Awesome, AWESOME job!

  2. I love the first three. Little girls in dresses are adorable!

  3. Awesome job.. I love them all..your little one in yellow is so sweet

  4. Sweet little baby, and grubby little hands. I do so love grubby hands with a bouquet!

  5. I love the baby photos and the 4th one down is wonderful. It has such vibrant colors.

  6. Wow! That tulip picture is amazing! The pictures of the little are just precious. :)

  7. I could not have said it any better that tulip is such a great picture!