Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enjoying Life :)

Suka's been a patient pup, good thing he has a good big brother to keep him busy and happy. I've been having hip pain for the past 3 days and nothing seems to be making it better so methinks I will have to set up a dr. appt here in the very near future. This means that walking has been at a minimum for the past few days. That's to Suka's liking actually. He doesn't like walking unless one of his big brothers is with us, or his human brothers and sisters are with us. I'm still taking him out daily, but our walks are very brief because of my hip pain.

Any Husky owners out there willing to give me some advice on the whole mouthing/nipping issue? Is there any particular method that works best when training not to mouth on people? Just wondering! Suka loves to play which is perfect but he is still trying to understand that he can mouth on the dog brothers, but not on the people :)

Suka is starting to get older looking in the face already- babies sure do grow up fast, don't they!!! :)
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  1. Sibes LOVE to use their mouths! All of mine did the same thing when they were puppies. Khady, at 2, will still occasionally play using her mouth. Best advice I can give is when they do the mouthing/nipping, wrap your hand around his muzzle and firmly tell him "NO BITE". Or, use your index finger and give a firm tap on their nose/muzzle and point at them saying the same thing. He should then begin to learn that mouthing/nipping on the humans gets him an unpleasant response. That is what we did with Khady and it has definitely deterred her from using her teeth. They do grow out of the worst of it though!

  2. Suka is really handsome. We were lucky we didn't get much mouthing at all with either Thunder or Ciara - they chew on each other:) But Dakota and Phantom did it a lot. The best thing for us was to have a fun chew toy or bone close by and when they mouth say NO or OW very loudly and then hand then the acceptable chew thing. It takes a lot of patience and consistency. It isn't OK to do it one time and not the next.

    Sorry about the hip pain - hope you feel better soon.

    Woos, the OP Pack's mom

  3. hey-look at that! Some new readers! See, Elizabeth? They just crawl out of the woodwork!

    I have been checking your other blog often for updates and was just about to pester you when I remembered you had this blog (not in my blog reader yet) and lo and behold, you HAVE been posting. Just not where I thought you were.

    So glad you have been participating in Foto challenges and finding different ones-looks like between the few going on, Elizabeth's, iheartfaces, and Jennifers, you are gonna be a busy girl! Not surprisingly, I haven't challenged myself at all.

    Suka is growing up fast. I see the differences too. I wonder how Takota's dr. apt. went?

  4. Hope you feel better soon. What worked for us is when he starts nipping you, you do it back on his ear and tell him no bite, then will learn when he does it you, that you will do it back a little harder and after a few time he will stop.