Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Foto Friday at Renaissance - Favorites

Wow, this was really a bittersweet Foto Friday for me. I am so sad that it is ending, and I had a really tough time finding favorite photos because I have so many favorites. I didn't pick Foto Friday ones, I just picked Favorites in general because I interpreted the assignment as favorite in general, sorry Rebecca if I was wrong in my interpretation.

These are Among my favorites (as I said, I have many) I love the angel against the blue of the sky, it reminds me of what the Angel Gabriel would have looked like- beautiful yet unbelievably powerful and strong. The second and third are the true emotions- one of my silly daughter, and one of the serious side of my son(which I can well relate to, because I have the same emotion often). The last is my youngest daughter's hands clasped gently in my Grandmothers knarled ones.

I am thankful to see one of the other Foto Friday participants is picking up the reins, I offered, but I am not even close to being a great photographer and I don't have a lot of visitors to my blog anyhow so I wouldn't have made a perfect hostess. but
Jennifer, well she is a wonderful photographer and a great new hostess for a foto friday :) I am looking forward to participating in her challenges :)

Thank you Rebecca, for starting Foto Fridays, and helping us all to think outside the box with our cameras and improve our photo quality :) We couldn't have done it without you, literally! :)
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  1. The hands photo is just beautiful.. it needs framed and put on your wall.. lovely photos

  2. I really like the picture of your son. The colors and composition are really nice. My daughter has some interesting, pensive looks and it reminds me of her.

    I was so sad to see that Rebecca needed to take a break form Foto-Friday and since I need a bit of a challenge I asked my Dad to come up with challenges for me. He has as long as I can remember been into Photography and I thought if he came up with the challenge then I might actually do it :).

    So I guess I am not actually taking over Rebecca's Foto Friday. I am having my own "Dad Challenge" :). You are more than welcome to join in. I learn so much my just observing others pictures.

  3. I love the last one! You did a great job.

  4. All of these are great! I love the little girl one the cute! The umbrella is so neat too! They are all so nice! :)

  5. They are gorgeous! I think the umbrella one is my favorite though.

  6. All your photos are lovely, but the emotions that are tugged from my heart by the last picture makes it my definite favorite.

  7. these are all good ones, but I'd say the second, and the last are neck and neck for favorites!

  8. the first and last ones are my favorites for different reasons: the first being for photographic reasons the last being for emotional reasons.

    Thanks for participating as often as you did, despite your busy-ness. I hope you do follow along with Jen's "Dad challenges". ;-)