Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Suka-Almost 10 weeks

I cannot believe that Suka will be 10 weeks old already on Thursday! Time is flying :) Suka is a good boy- stubborn, but that goes with the breed, but wonderfully tempered otherwise! We went to Petco last Saturday and I was there almost an hr. He was patient, laying on the ground most of the time, sometimes even on his back with his belly in the air. One of the trainers there, who is familiar with Siberian Huskies said that that is a sign of a great tempered dog. Most dogs and puppies that go into Petco are very ill at ease, hyper, nervous etc. Suka acted like it was only normal to be there. He did try to sneak off some doggie treats that were nose length from him though ;) I got him a treat for in the van instead :)

Suka is plugging away at housetraining. He has only pooed in the house one time in the over 2 weeks that I've had him. He still will pee in the house if you aren't on top of him the whole time (but I keep on top of things pretty well and the weather has been nice enough that he has been able to be outside alot) so pee accidents are more, but still no more than 2 a day and usually only one (a few days none at all)Housetraining is a struggle, because I cannot leave him alone really at all so he doesn't have an accident in the house BUT it could be MUCH MUCH WORSE!!! So, my thought is he is doing pretty great for his age :)

Suka knows he must sit before I give him his food and water. He also knows he will not get a treat unless he is sitting. He is getting very good at down as well, and he has almost mastered giving paw. He is a smart pup for sure. I love teaching my dogs obedience at an early age, and we will be going to an actual obedience class later on for socialization and shining up the beginning skills I am teaching him.

The only things that we really need to work on are:

1. Walking- He will willingly walk if Bob walks Ruger with me, or if I am walking with the stroller and the kids. He will NOT walk with me well if it is just the two of us. He lies down and I have to pretty much drag him on his walk. I walk with him every day but for some reason he doesn't like to walk just the two of us. Really have to work on this, because he is supposed to be my walking partner! Hopefully as his daily walks keep going, he will little by little be more excited and comfortable about walking with me. I use a harness rather than a collar so I have more control over him and he is more comfortable than me pulling him by his neck.

2. Mouthing- Suka loves to play, just like every pup but when he plays he likes to mouth and use his teeth. This is fine when playing with Ruger, but not fine to do on me or the kiddos. He will learn thru consistent discipline and redirection but it will be an uphill battle. Whenever he starts to mouth me I sternly say "No Suka, Give Kisses!" and usually he will start licking my hand instead.

Other than that he is doing exceptionally well and I love him to pieces :)
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  1. Thanks for visiting our blog. Your Suka is so handsome. Ciara was about the same age when we got her in February. Just be consistent with the rules and take him out frequently on a leash and tell him "go potty". Once he goes, bring him back in so he can learn that this outside time is for taking care of business. It takes time and patience and consistency - but it so works.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Super cute! My 2nd would love a husky. I unfortunately am a dog lover from afar. :) So if we ever get to move out in the country with room for a puppy to run and play this would be an option. But he is so so cute.

  3. Oh, SUKA! Aren't you an adorable little guy!!! You sound like such a good puppy!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog! It's great to make new friends!
    Tail wags,

  4. Just thought you might want to know - I posted for Foto Friday - join in showing off your Family as the theme. :-)

  5. I'm not sure I can show these pictures to Gracen! Her "dream" dog breed (among many) is a husky. She loves them!! Beautiful pup.