Monday, March 8, 2010

3.00 Decoration for Easter..

Just because you shop at the Dollar Store doesn't mean it has to be cheesy :) I stopped over there Saturday morning and found some ceramic vases..Most were pink but they had one light green, and one robin's egg blue one left. I've always loved robin's egg blue so you can guess which color I picked. I grabbed a bag of green paper Easter grass (safer for kids, pets, and environment) and found a bag of 3 foam glittered easter eggs hidden away, the only pack I found so it must have been meant to be..I brought them home and went digging thru my surplus craft stuff. I found an artificial bluish calla lilly, a frond of artificial greenery and some extra ribbon I had laying around. I painted the sticks that the eggs were on to match, and arranged everything in the vase (the greenery acts sort of like foam keeping the things in the vase from shifting around, plus it looks pretty) Lastly I tied the ribbons on the outside of the vase to give it that little extra it needed for me :)

I spent 3.00 plus tax for a pretty decoration I can keep up till Easter :) Yay for cheap thrills :)

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  1. Robins egg blue is one of my favorite colors. You've inspired me to get some spring decorations around. It has been too long since I decorated!

    Thanks for hanging with me today-the childer rode bikes around the park three times while I walked with them (and sometimes jogged to keep up) and they are going to sleep good tonight!

    It was fun. I might bring bikes to the park more often! Good exercise----on a beautiful day.

  2. I completely agree. The dollar store sometimes is the best place to get decorations. I just love that color it is so spring. I hope to see more of those beautiful colors.


  3. I love it! I was just in the dollar store yesterday and found some treasures too. You found even better ones though - I need to get better at spotting the potential :)