Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New View....

I've been pondering HOW I might be able to continue participating in some of the things I enjoy participating in without limiting myself, or others that would not otherwise be able to view my primary blog. This is a trial run..My hope is that I can open this up and participate in the things I enjoy doing and leave it open to the public..I will be using this blog for photos I've taken (mostly for Foto Fridays) and Crafts (Transformation Thursday) that I've made. I may also include recipes I've come across and loved, as well as Kid Craft Ideas. Nothing will be personalized on here, and my main blog will be kept private for my private thoughts and the goings-on of my life, but this might just be the outlet I need to be able to continue on with these projects I'd love to be able to share... So Welcome to the New View :)
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  1. Great idea! I hope this works for you!

  2. You have a cute little girl. I took a look at your other blog and it looks like you have not posted on that one in awhile. The last post I saw was in 2006. YOu look like you are quite in volved with your kids. I am new to all of this so if you could give me some tips I would appriate it.


  3. Hello, my friend! No, I haven't forgotten you, just haven't been leaving many comments...
    Still unpacking and it isn't coming along very well but then that is because I've not been very diligent! The weather is so absolutely gorgeous it is almost impossible to stay inside or home for that matter!!

    I love the new blog!!