Friday, March 26, 2010

Think Spring

This week's Foto Friday theme was spring. For me spring is alot of things...Dogs rolling around on the ground with contentment, Shading your oh-so sensitive eyes from the bright sunlight that has been hidden away all winter, Tea Parties with their delicate prettiness, spring cleaning (which I did, and will be posting later) and my most favorite- my children dressed in their Spring finery. I've been busy hosting guests a few times this week, so this morning we dressed up in our pretty (and handsome) duds, and took a few Easter shots. These aren't actually my children's Easter outfits, daddy bought the girls matching dresses this year, but these are among my favorites. And Samuel, well, he is always handsome, and always loves dressing up which is such a treat to his mama. The dress that Christiana is wearing, she's been wearing for more than year and has been my favorite dress of hers since it was extra big on her, now it fits her just right so I doubt we will get another year out of it :) Enjoy my perception of spring this year :)

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  1. Your children are adorable! I love the pictures of them. :-)

  2. the photos of the children are phenomenal. Awesome job capturing sweet smiles and sharp eyes!

    And you mentioned spring cleaning and now I wish I would have thought of that. I TOTALLY could have staged a good spring cleaning picture (notice I said STAGED!) hehehe

  3. Such beautiful children!!!! Love them all!

  4. The pictures of the kids are great! I also like the tea set picture. :)

  5. Tea parties and sweet little ones, is there anything better?
    Gorgeous pictures!

  6. The girls outfits are nice. Did you make them? The tea set is a nice touch.