Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super Easy Craft for the Kiddos

To Welcome Spring I made butterflies with my little ones with a handful of supplies I had on hand. Each child got 1 wooden clothespin, 2 paper coffee filters, and some markers. My kiddos colored their filters with markers (I helped Christiana by adding purple scribble hearts on her wings) When coloring was done, the had to color the butterflies clothespin body with marker as well. Then each filter was folded like a fan, twisted in the middle placed in the the clip "mouth" of the butterfly and the folded fans were gently opened to make an upper set and lower set of butterfly wings. Then I added fabric paint embellishments and their initials on the wings so that we would know whose was whose...There was just enough "clip" left to clip them right to the dining room curtains..The kids love seeing their butterflies "flying" :) So Easy, So Fun, and So Pretty :)
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  1. Love it! I was going to have Lilla do this same thing sometime next week. I wanted to do all Holy week crafts with her, but I'm sure I can fit that in as God giving us freedom from captivity as He did the Israelites and the butterfly represents freedom...hmmmm...they may be in the works now!