Friday, July 9, 2010

Introducing the rest of my canine pack :)

My mama always talks about me cuz I'm her baby, but I've got two brothers I thought I'd introduce. Takoda is my canine daddy figure :) He's six and a half and is a handsome lab/mastiff mix. He came into mama and daddy's life from the local animal shelter after mama lost a couple human babies. He was about 5 weeks old when mama saw him on and fell in love. Early monday morning dad drove down and picked him up for mama and brought him into the house tucked in his jacket. Mama's into meaning names, so after the joyous shock of seeing her puppy that she could love all over it was time to scour the internet for names. Takoda means "friend to all" in sioux (mama is 1/8 native american indian so she thought it would be cool to give him an indian name) Takoda really does live up to his name. He loves everybody although often people are nervous at first at meeting him since he looks like a lab on steroids ;) He lets the little people crawl all over him, with nothing but a lick or two in protest (if that is what you call it) Poor Takoda has a torn ligament in his leg which is healing (surgery costs thousands to correct and isn't even guaranteed to fix the problem) so he walks more like grandpa then daddy so he has retired from his long walk days and is more content to lay in the yard.

Ruger is Dad's dog. He is an American Bulldog. Mama bought Ruger for dad for Father's Day last year. Dad had always wanted an American Bulldog so mama won best wife last year. Ruger is a big, goofy oaf that doesn't know his own strength. He just turned one and is a muscle bound fool. Ruger was named by dad since he is dad's dog..Can you guess why??? :) Let me give you a hint...Dad is a gun nut. Takoda is so happy I'm around now, because Ruger constantly harassed him to play, and now I took over that spot. Ruger and I play all day long, which mama thinks may be part of the problem on why she is struggling to become my pack leader. I love to roughhouse and be with my big brother ALL the time, and I don't have so much time for her unless he's around, and even then I don't really like sharing him. Don't get me wrong, mama loves the fact that we get along so well, and play so well together, but she just wants to be able to share me too..

And then there is me, Mr. Strong Willed Himself. She'll figure me out one of these days, but till then I'm glad she loves me and I really do love her too ;) (Don't tell her though, I still want to play hard to get) ;)
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