Thursday, July 29, 2010

Princes of the Mountain :)

I wouldn't say they are kings- not just yet :) More like Princes of the Mountain! My redhead and my pup- two special guys in my life :) I've had little time this week to post. I am a daycare provider and I started 2 new children this week, and I have an interview this morning for a school age boy who needs before/after school care (and days off from school) Not sure how that one will work out however, because My kiddos are all smaller and this boy is in second grade and may not want to be here due to lack of kids his own age. We shall see though!

We've had breakthroughs here- Suka has been walking with me solo for a week! We walk every day and I don't have to pick him up repeatedly anymore because he doesn't want to go. In fact, he has found he ENJOYS walking with me now :) I'm starting to rank in his top 5 I think :) A few times I was heading out to go on a walk (once by myself, and once with my toddler) and he started barking and crying at the fence running back and forth. I ended up going back for him (both times) because he has NEVER wanted to go on a walk with me before, he's only been forced to go in the past. It's So Nice to be able to see that he WILL be a walking buddy for me (I was a little worried at first, I mean how many huskies REFUSE their walks!) :) Also, last night when it was time for bed, I said "Suka, time for bed, go to your kennel". He waited at the basement door (his kennel is downstairs in our activity area in our basement) I opened the door, he rushed down the stairs, didn't dawdle at all, and beelined for his kennel and laid down. It was SO NICE :)

NOW....If I can get the housebreaking and nip play under control, I will have the best pup EVER (well, he's pretty great already!)
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  1. We will be very surprised if Suka EVER turns down the opportunity for a walk. We love our walk times and so wish we could have more.

    We have a bedtime ritual here. Mom gets out the cookies and we all three go immediately to our crates to wait for her to pass them out. Some nights we even go there early to see if we can get her to perform the ritual earlier.

    Be consistent with the potty training and it will happen.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Good job on your housebreaking.
    If puppy Suka likes you, it means you're doing a great job!! Keep it up and you'll have the best dog in the world!

  3. Kirby is NOT a fan of the leash. I pull it out when we're going somewhere, and he runs, or rolls over on his back and goes limp. He hates it! To be fair though, he hasn't had a chance to go for a walk at all, we have to finish those shots! :) I'm glad to hear that Suka decided to like walks... I hope Kirby figures out that the leash is fun! :P