Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look How big I'm getting!

Where is my puppy going? He acts like a puppy but he's starting to look like a dog..Sniff, Sniff...How can this be when he is only 13 weeks old! Suka has learned sit and down and does them easily now. He is doing great at stay (when there are no doggy distractions) and come (when treats are involved especially), and is working on giving paw. Now, if we can get the wanting to walk with me down pat, and the mouthing/nipping under control (and a better grasp at housebreaking- he is able to be in the house and not let out every few minutes like he used to, but when he has to go, he just goes with little warning or chance to get him outside) Baby Steps, I must remind myself :) I am very excited though that he is learning hand signals rather than just words. I signal him to do certain things and he is learning to do them- Whoo, Hoo! :)
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  1. awww He's a handsome boy!

    As far as getting him to want to walk with you, I think a lot of that independent behavior is very common in that breed. I had researched huskies when we were deciding on what kind of puppy to get. I read that they want to do their own thing. Maybe when he gets older and more mature, he'll want to go on walks more without being distracted by other things.

    He looks like a super happy puppy!

  2. Suka is doing very well for a young pup - and you are doing a great job. He is beautiful, his nose stripe looks a lot like Ciara's.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting Kirby's Blog! :) Suka is gorgeous! He's going to grow up to be a heartbreaker! ;) I have to remember that Kirby isn't quite 10 weeks, but wow, he is NOT a fan of the leash. He's great with his collar (although it's itchy sometimes!) and with dragging the leash around, but if anyone picks up the other end, he starts jumping around like it's the end of the world. We're working on it. Congrats on your first (complete)walk! What a champ! :)
    -Kerry & Kirby

  4. AWW such a cute puppy :D Suka, you are adorable!

  5. Your puppy is beautiful! I know what you're going through- training is a lot of work and takes oodles of patience, but it's all worth it! I look forward to watching your pup grow!

    Lucy's Human