Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puppy Class

Yesterday evening Suka had his first dog obedience class, but it turned out that it is pretty much a puppy class. Everyone's dogs are puppies and most are tiny dogs like poodles, daushaunds, pomeranians, and a jack russel. There is a pretty little dalmation pup named Bella there that Suka thought was pretty nice, and the handler class (which is going on at the same time) is full of English Mastiffs. One ginormous Mastiff was six months old and Suka loved playing with him- I think Suka would have preferred the big dog class (he isn't so sure what to make of the little dogs, since we only have larger dogs at home) but I think it might be good we are where we are, because Suka thinks it's playtime all the time with the big dogs and then he doesn't want to listen worth beans.

To be honest, I don't like the trainer. I've been to this class before when Takoda was a pup and the trainer was awesome. She knew what she was doing, and was a no nonsense kind of person. She had control of the class and the dogs in it, even the ones that had issues. This woman is new and you can tell it. She seems a bit wishy washy, and although she teaches 4h'ers how to handle their dogs, I'm not so sure she has an understanding of the different capacities of different dogs and different breeds (she has mini shnauzers). Don't get me wrong- I am not a trainer, but owning different breeds of dogs, has given me a better understanding of the fact that different breeds have different ways of learning, and different vices and strengths) For example, Bella's owners are first time dog owners. Dalmations have a very high energy level. Her owner's are having a difficult time controlling her because of her energy level. As a trainer, I would explain to the first time dog owner, that puppies in general are often rambunctious, however breeds such as dalmations have a high energy level already built into their breed, so to help Bella to be able to focus on positive behavior, giving her daily exercise is a must! This trainer didn't address ANYTHING to help Bella's owners understand Bella better. grr...

Here is a question for other fellow dog owner's out there. Suka wears a harness, because it seems as though I have a better handle on him with his harness, and better control without yanking on his neck. She saw that he was wearing a harness and said I should use a collar instead. I've never had issue with collars, and our other dogs have collars, but from the reading I've done and many of the husky blogs I follow, it seems as though harnesses are a better choice for sibes. It seems to me, with a sibe's capacity to run, a harness is also a better choice because it is more difficult for them to slip out of than a collar. Any opinions or advice anyone out there has would be appreciated!!! :)

We will continue to go (we already pd for the class) and hopefully in doing so Suka will become more obedient and a better listener but I do wish the old trainer was back :P
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  1. Sometimes you have to shop around for a good trainer. And when you have a Siberian, Mom says it is really important to get one that understands the breed. And your post is a good reminder to Mom that she needs to get Ciara started again in a class.

    We don't use harnesses but are very curious to see what you get for responses.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara